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Back to School

I love the start of the new school year! Its a time for new opportunities, a fresh beginning, and it means that the holidays are right around the corner.

For many parents getting kids back to a structured routine is a welcome change. Kids also enjoy getting back to a structured schedule with school and after-school activities, which offer social experiences and learning opportunities.

There are numerous after-school activities to choose from. There are team sports, swimming, gymnastics, karate, art clubs, chess clubs, piano lessons, band, orchestra, choir, drama club, and so much more. The possibilities are endless! All of these activities offer great benefits for kids, but be careful not to overload your child’s schedule. He/she also needs time for homework, family time, and rest.

The fall is a great time to get started with music lessons or restart after a summer break. For many students, the summer offered a much needed break from structure and hard work. However, the fall brings with it the motivation to tackle new projects and try new things.

As research has shown again and agin, learning a musical instrument or engaging in regular music activity offers many wonderful benefits for kids. For one, music engages multiple areas in the brain and makes learning other skills easier. Learning to play an instrument like piano works on hand-eye coordination, reading skills, motor movement, multi-tasking, and much more. Children who study music have improved attention and memory skills which help them do better in school, do better in math and reading, and score higher on SATs.

Music also offers an improved quality of life. Learning an instrument for a child can be lots of fun. Although no one considers “practice” to be fun, the enjoyment one gets from making music is fun! Music lessons offer a safe space for creativity and improvisation as well as an outlet for emotional expression. The improved quality of life that comes with engaging in music is a life long benefit.

As you help your child consider what activities he/she will add to their schedule, take a moment to consider including music lessons or music groups.

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