How I Use Music With My Son: Part 2

                      I love sing-a-long books and books with CDs. I use them often with clients and now I use them with my son. When he was first born I came across two books by author and singer-songwriter Jewel. These books are lovely hardback books that […]

How I Use Music With My Son

  My first son was born at the end of last year and as a first time Mom I’m learning first hand how a child grows and develops. Of course I’ve studied child development in my education, worked with children of all ages throughout my life, and specialize in working with children. However, watching the […]

Just Released: Xylophone Fun Volume 3

The Latest Edition of Xylophone Fun is Here! Volume 3 builds on what was learned in Volumes 1 and 2 with more songs, some slightly more difficult than the previous volumes. Each song is provided with and without lyrics. Providing the lyrics encourages the child to sing along while playing. Now the child is not […]

FreeNotes: Beautiful Music Made Simple

FreeNotes Guest Post by Mary Brieschke, MT-BC Freenotes Wing In my music therapy classes, I was introduced to a new instrument that is now one of my favorites to use in music therapy sessions. FreeNotes are built by Richard Cooke, and designed so that people at all experience levels can play music. Cooke has done […]

Sleep Sheep: A Review

When I first saw the Sleep Sheep, manufactured by CloudB, I thought it was a wonderful idea! I soon started recommending it to everyone I knew who was having a baby, included it as a recommended product on my website, and gifted one at every baby shower I went to. To view the Sleep Sheep […]

TECHNOLOGY: IS it enhancing growth and development?

Technology. The rate at which the human race can access information is getting faster everyday, thanks to many human’s brains that are wired to think up very unique and complicated processes to make so many things accessible to us. On a “smart device” just by using a finger, or even voice recognition systems, the world […]

What Music Therapy Is and Is Not

The following is a press release from the American Music Therapy Association and can be found here: AMTA Press Release on Music Therapy – Jan. 2014 January 23, 2014 06:00 PM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jennifer Peter AMTA Communications Associate (301)589-3300, ext. 103 / Al Bumanis AMTA Director of Communications (301)589-3300, ext. 103 / […]

Xylphone Fun Christmas – Updated!

Happy Holidays Everyone! A year ago I created my first online resource: Xylophone Fun eBook which comes in Volumes 1, 2 and Christmas. (Stay tuned for Volume 3.) This is a resource I created to offer a basis for  introducing music reading in preparation for beginning piano. Children are able to first match color and […]

Back to School

I love the start of the new school year! Its a time for new opportunities, a fresh beginning, and it means that the holidays are right around the corner. For many parents getting kids back to a structured routine is a welcome change. Kids also enjoy getting back to a structured schedule with school and […]

Music Therapy with Premature Infants: Nightly News Special

The NBC Nightly News featured the use of Music Therapy in the NICU: Music Therapists at Beth Israel Hospital use voice, guitar, ocean drum, and drum. They sing traditional lullabies as well as parent preferred music sung in a lullaby style. Doctors prescribe music therapy for their patients which is then administered by board certified […]

Music Therapy: Does it Have a Role in the Treatment of Substance Abuse?

  Addiction. A word that many people in society rarely want to mention. A word that is often tucked under the rug; an issue rarely addressed because fear so eagerly got in the way.   Addicts are often looked upon as outcasts or “losers” of our society because of their lack of self-control, their selfishness, […]

Autism and Family Connection: Increasing the Parent-Child Bond with Music Therapy

Parents are continually discovering new ways to interact effectively with their children. They go through the ups and downs of realizing that not all of the things they heard from friends or read in books works for their child. They continually have to adapt how to communicate with their kids based on age and circumstances.  […]

Music Therapy Adovcacy Month

Happy New Year! I’m so excited for the fresh inspiration 2013 brings and looking forward to getting back to work this week after a wonderful time with family and friends! January is Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month and I’ve been reading up on Music Therapy posts and tweets from Music Therapists all across the […]