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How I Use Music With My Son: Part 3 – Using Music with Physical Therapy

My son was diagnosed with torticollis when he was about 2 months old. When he was in utero his head was titled making for a difficult delivery. The doctor actually needed to use a vacuum to assist in the delivery. Both of these facts most likely caused the torticollis. We began working with a Physical […]

April is Autism Awareness: Music Therapy with Autism

April is Autism Awareness month and was kicked off on April 2nd with Light it up Blue! People worldwide showed their support by donning blue shirts and ribbons, changing their light bulbs on their houses to blue, and major buildings across the world including the Pyramids, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, and more glowed […]

TECHNOLOGY: IS it enhancing growth and development?

Technology. The rate at which the human race can access information is getting faster everyday, thanks to many human’s brains that are wired to think up very unique and complicated processes to make so many things accessible to us. On a “smart device” just by using a finger, or even voice recognition systems, the world […]

Embracing the Benefits of Music – Part 1

                                                                     Image by Joyce Hesselberth As I’ve been preparing for an upcoming workshop, I’ve been reading many articles about the benefits of music. Its refreshing to reiterate for myself the importance of the work I am involved in. My reading has re-energized me, motivated me to continue what […]

Singable Stories

  Today I’d like to feature another favorite resource of mine: Singable Stories! These are great for parents and kids to do together. While you are sitting down together to read books, why not have some that you can sing too? Benefits of singing books: Bonding with your child Encouraging language development Encouraging music development […]