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Music with Babies and Toddlers: Part 2 – Music and Relaxation

    We started attending a baby music group at our local music school, and our group happens to be lead by their music therapy department! (MusicWorks NW) One of the activities that we do is “Intentional Touch” where we are massaging our babies/toddlers while singing a slow song (think lullabies).¬†Who doesn’t love a massage? […]

Celebrating Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day

  Being a mother is a precious gift. Whether you have a biological child, an adopted child, a fostered child, or you spend quality time with someone who needs a mothering touch, motherhood is a blessing. While it may be tough at times, there is no greater gift than the bond between mother and child […]

How I Use Music With My Son

  My first son was born at the end of last year and as a first time Mom I’m learning first hand how a child grows and develops. Of course I’ve studied child development in my education, worked with children of all ages throughout my life, and specialize in working with children. However, watching the […]

Music Therapy with Premature Infants: Nightly News Special

The NBC Nightly News featured the use of Music Therapy in the NICU: Music Therapists at Beth Israel Hospital use voice, guitar, ocean drum, and drum. They sing traditional lullabies as well as parent preferred music sung in a lullaby style. Doctors prescribe music therapy for their patients which is then administered by board certified […]

You Are My Sunshine…From Birth to the Grave

Music therapists like to say that we can use music with people “from birth to the grave” because we work with so many populations, with people of all ages. One of the things I appreciate about my job is that I get to work with so many different people in different stages of life. Today […]

Singable Stories

  Today I’d like to feature another favorite resource of mine: Singable Stories! These are great for parents and kids to do together. While you are sitting down together to read books, why not have some that you can sing too? Benefits of singing books: Bonding with your child Encouraging language development Encouraging music development […]

Musical pacifier helps premature babies get healthy

One of my favorite populations to work with is the NICU babies! NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Babies who are born too early or with any issues right after birth will usually spend some time in the NICU. The NICU is a very sensitive environment because, well, the babies themselves are very sensitive. […]