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Xylophone Fun Resources

  Did you know there are many different ways to use our Xylophone Fun Curriculum (eBooks)? We will be sharing suggestions of different ways to use this great resource. To begin with I thought I’d share with you the different instruments that you can use this curriculum with. Of course I had already mentioned the […]

Sounds like music!

One of the phrases I hear the most from my toddler these days is, “Sounds like music!” He is very attuned to the sounds around him and now he is noticing how sounds organized in a specific way make music.   At two and a half he is often saying, “Shhh, hear that!” when he […]

Music With Babies and Toddlers: Part 4 – Recommended Resources

    If you’ve checked out our Recommended Resources you will see that we have a link to our “amazon” store, which in essence is just a nice little place to put all of our recommended products. We have categories such as: Quality music instruments Instruments for babies Musical toys for babies and toddlers Children’s […]

Music with Babies and Toddlers: Part 3 – Songwriting for Daily Use

In my previous posts “How I Use Music With My Son” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 and my more recent posts “Music with Babies and Toddlers” Part 1 and Part 2, I shared how I have used music with my son during the first 2 years of his life. In today’s […]

Now Available: Xylophone Fun eBook Package

Xylophone Fun eBook Package       If you haven’t checked out our curriculum “Xylophone Fun” eBooks for children, be sure to visit our eBooks page to learn more. There are currently four volumes available for purchase: Volumes 1, 2, 3, and our Christmas edition. Each volume introduces slightly more difficult songs and builds on […]

Music with Babies and Toddlers: Part 1 – Music and Signing

Music is a great way to encourage development and enhance creativity, even in the littlest ones. Especially with the little ones! Children are naturally drawn to music which makes it easy to engage them. Music also is a great way to encourage communication in these pre-verbal kiddos.   When our son was just learning to […]

Celebrating Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day

  Being a mother is a precious gift. Whether you have a biological child, an adopted child, a fostered child, or you spend quality time with someone who needs a mothering touch, motherhood is a blessing. While it may be tough at times, there is no greater gift than the bond between mother and child […]

April is Autism Awareness: Music Therapy with Autism

April is Autism Awareness month and was kicked off on April 2nd with Light it up Blue! People worldwide showed their support by donning blue shirts and ribbons, changing their light bulbs on their houses to blue, and major buildings across the world including the Pyramids, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, and more glowed […]

This is Your Brain on Music

We all know that music makes you smarter, and that music has numerous benefits. Here is a video that very nicely shows how studying music is even more beneficial than listening to music. Research shows that when we listen to music many areas of the brain are activated simultaneously. Research also shows that when you study and […]

How I Use Music With My Son: Part 2

                      I love sing-a-long books and books with CDs. I use them often with clients and now I use them with my son. When he was first born I came across two books by author and singer-songwriter Jewel. These books are lovely hardback books that […]

Just Released: Xylophone Fun Volume 3

The Latest Edition of Xylophone Fun is Here! Volume 3 builds on what was learned in Volumes 1 and 2 with more songs, some slightly more difficult than the previous volumes. Each song is provided with and without lyrics. Providing the lyrics encourages the child to sing along while playing. Now the child is not […]

FreeNotes: Beautiful Music Made Simple

FreeNotes Guest Post by Mary Brieschke, MT-BC Freenotes Wing In my music therapy classes, I was introduced to a new instrument that is now one of my favorites to use in music therapy sessions. FreeNotes are built by Richard Cooke, and designed so that people at all experience levels can play music. Cooke has done […]

Sleep Sheep: A Review

When I first saw the Sleep Sheep, manufactured by CloudB, I thought it was a wonderful idea! I soon started recommending it to everyone I knew who was having a baby, included it as a recommended product on my website, and gifted one at every baby shower I went to. To view the Sleep Sheep […]

Music Therapy Adovcacy Month

Happy New Year! I’m so excited for the fresh inspiration 2013 brings and looking forward to getting back to work this week after a wonderful time with family and friends! January is Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month and I’ve been reading up on Music Therapy posts and tweets from Music Therapists all across the […]