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Christmas Cookie Time: Five Gingerbread

Have you and your kids starting baking Christmas cookies? Well, it might be a little early, but if its on your Christmas to-do list why not consider using it as a teaching time?

Here is a little song or poem that you can chant about Gingerbread cookies. Here’s what to do:

1. Make some gingerbread men cookies with your kids. Introduce new vocabulary like cookie sheet, cookie cutter, sugar, spice, icing, decorating, baking, etc. As you are creating the cookies talk about the feel of the dough, the smells of the cookies, the temperature of the oven, the taste of the icing, and the amount of time on the timer. Turn the oven light on and talk during the waiting period about what’s happening to the cookie dough. You could even use this time to wash up any dishes or clean up any mess. Kids love to help wash dishes because it means they get to play in the water!

2. When the gingerbread cookies are cool, its time to decorate them! Let your kids have fun! Talk about whether they are boy or girl gingerbread cookies, what colors you are using in the sprinkles and icing, and take the time to smell the unique smell of gingerbread! Have some older kids in the family? Talk about gingerbread traditions in other countries at Christmas time. (Did you know that gingerbread has been around for centuries and Germany began the making of gingerbread houses?)

3. After they are done, lay out 5 gingerbread cookies on a cookie sheet and sing this song! Warning: each verse talks about taking a bite of cookie and losing a cookie each verse. Decide if you want your kids to actually eat 5 cookies or if you just want to pretend to take a bite. You could pretend to take a bite, make a chewing sound, and then move the cookie over to a plate. The point is that you are starting with 5 cookies on a sheet and ending up with 0.

Alternative: You can still use this song even if you aren’t baking cookies! Just print out the gingerbread men clipart and cut out each one. Use those instead of actual cookies while you sing the song. Your kids will enjoy singing this song over and over with their gingerbread cutouts!

To download the FREE song and visuals click here.

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