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How can music help my preemie


How Music Can Help My Preemie: information for parents in the NICU












NICU info for Parents cover


Music Therapy in the NICU: fact sheets about music therapy in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


NICU Info For Parents


NICU Info For Hospitals







Five Gingerbread cover


Five Gingerbread Song plus visuals: teaches counting and rhyming, includes gingerbread men in three styles to cut out and laminate or glue on Popsicle sticks










Months of the Year cover


The Months of the Year Visual: created to accompany the album “The Months of the Year” by Rachel Rambach

Purchase the mp3 album at






Sequencing Songs Cover


Sequencing Songs: Visual cards to print and laminate; use to teach sequencing or visually cue Fill-in-the-Blank singing; 8 songs








I'm Thankful Song



I’m Thankful Song: Song for Thanksgiving. Use on iPad or Tablet or print out.