Art for Self Care

Self-care is taking the time and effort to care for yourself. To listen to your body and mind, to learn what it needs, and to provide for those needs. One of the greatest health concerns in today’s society is stress. We must make self-care a priority for ourselves and for future generations.

Taking time to unplug, find quiet, be in nature, rest, and be mindful are important to our health and wellness. When was the last time you were quiet and still long enough to listen to your breathing? When were you completely in the moment, being mindful of all of your senses and what they are sensing?

Creating art or even just the act of creating is a wonderful way to get in the moment and relieve stress. The simple act of coloring or drawing can help you focus on the moment and turn your mind from all of the hustling and bustling world. Mixing colors and creating something new can energize you. Painting a picture canvas or a small wood piece or even a large piece of furniture can get your body and mind in sync in soothing and repetitive movements. Its easy to get lost in the act of creating.

Having an art journal to go to when you need to vent or process strong feelings is very useful. Journal your thoughts and add or incorporate images. When the words won’t come creating images can help you express your feelings.

Art for self-care can be simple or complex. It can be an independent activity that you do for yourself or it can be a joint activity that you do with your kids or a friend. It can be done in silence or with your favorite music. It can be done at home or on the go. I encourage you to try to find a form of art that you enjoy and begin to incorporate it into your daily rhythms of self-care.

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