Photo Gallery

photo gallery

I have always been a visual and creative type and I thrive on creating. Therefore I consider myself an artist. I used to think that I had to be really good at drawing or painting or sculpting to be considered an artist. However, I have found that I need to create to be happy, to refill when I’m down, and to process when I’m overloaded with the chaos around me or in my mind. And that makes me an artist.

Photography has always been an interest of mine. I had my first 35mm camera (back when we had film cameras and you could only shoot 24 or 36 photos at a time). I had at least two lenses and a few filters, although I never really mastered using them. My father would teach me there and there about aperture values, F stops, lighting, layout and such. Then when I got married a few years ago my husband also attempted to teach me about the basics of photography. He also upgraded me to a digital camera with a few fun lenses. Needless to say my mind can’t seem to work out all the numbers that is basic photography. So I just rely on my eye and my creative side and photograph what I see and what inspires me. I love to travel because it means seeing new places, people and things. I love to explore and to photograph what I see.

Here is just a sampling of what inspires me. You will notice a nature theme. As I have shared in other section of this site, nature is very healing for me and is where I find peace and happiness. No wonder its my favorite thing to photograph!


The Many Faces of Pennsylvania

A Summer in Upstate New York

Exploring South Florida

North Cascades National Park

Christmas at Biltmore



Farmyard at Biltmore

Exploring Hungary