Healthy Rhythms Candles

About 10 years ago I began a journey toward living a more holistic, non-toxic life. I slowly removed plastics from my home and replacing those with natural products like glass, wood, and stainless steel. I found healthier, toxin free cleaning products and body care products. I began sourcing organic whole foods and growing my own vegetables when I could. I rid my closest of plastics (polyester and acrylic) and began buying organic cotton, linen, and wool clothing.

In 2024 I began making non-toxic candles for my family and for friends. I tried my hand at natural soy wax as well as organic beeswax. I sourced pure essential oils to avoid synthetic fragrances. I started with lavender and peppermint, two of my favorite herbs. I played around with a few more scents like rosemary, eucalyptus, and vanilla and created some lovely recipes.

The most fun part of this project was searching and finding unique vessels to use for my candles. While I use cute mason jars and some simple candle jars, I especially enjoy repurposing vintage tea cups, glass punch cups, and even French yogurt cups. Anything that is interesting and would make a great candle.

I now sell these wonderful little candles as well as matchstick jars. If you are interested in purchasing one or learning more please contact me.

Read more of the backstory of my candles here.

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