Xylophone Fun Resources

xylophone fun resources

Did you know there are many different ways to use our Xylophone Fun Curriculum (eBooks)? We will be sharing suggestions of different ways to use this great resource. To begin with I thought I’d share with you the different instruments that you can use this curriculum with.


The set of resonator bells, which I refer to as a “Xylophone,” is made by Rhythm Band, Basic Beat, and Westco. You can purchase both of these on Amazon, West Music, and other sites like Guitar Center, Walmart, and Target. The metal colored bars are attached to plastic boxes that resonate giving it its quality sound. The set of 8 bars comes in a green carrying case with two mallets. Each bar is a separate color and is assigned a letter. Each letter or note of the C Major diatonic scale. There are two red bars, or C bars, one lower and one higher.

Please note that there are a lot of knock-off versions on Amazon that are not the same quality. Reviews have shown that the mallets are cheap plastic which break and the bells can come apart. 

The second instrument which I have mentioned is the Desk Bells or Hand Bells. The combined Hand/Desk bells can be played two ways: one by tapping the top of the bells as they sit on the desk, or by picking them up and ringing them like traditional hand bells. The Desk Bells are played by tapping the tops of the bells as they sit on the desk. These are also eight in a set, making a complete C Major diatonic scale. This set may or may not come with a carrying case so make sure to look for that when you purchase! These also make a quality sound. Each bell has a color and letter/note which corresponds to the curriculum.

My Xylophone Fun Curriculum is based on the C Major diatonic scale. Each letter or note of the scale has a corresponding color. The colors are based on the colors of these two instruments which I have mentioned here. This means if you by just any old xylophone or bell set the colors may not correspond correctly to the colors in our curriculum. So to ensure that you are able to use the curriculum correctly make sure to purchase one of the instruments I have mentioned here.

Now for the bonus information! These instruments are manufactured by a company called Rhythm Band. They happen to make other instruments that have these same letter/color combination. (They also have other xylophones and instrument that use other letter/color combinations so pay attention to what you are looking at!) So that means that you can use some of their other instruments as well with our Xylophone Fun Curriculum. There may be some slight color discrepancy with each make or possibly with each instrument. For example, the colors of the Boomwhackers are close but not exact to the colors we use in Xylophone Fun. The G is a different blue/green than the aqua color G we use and is found in the Xylophone (Resonator Bells) and Desk Bells. This does not mean you cannot use the Boomwhackers with Xylophone Fun, it just means you have to make a small mental adjustment. You can explain to your student/child that the G tube is a slightly different color than the G in the song but that they are both G.


You may already have a set of Boomwhackers lying around. These inexpensive instruments are plastic tubes in various sizes and colors. Guess what? The eight letters/notes are the same eight letters/notes that we are using here of the C Major scale. These are fun because kids can whack them on the floor or edge of a table, or even tap two together. There is so much you can do with these! You can definitely get the kids up and moving with these! Just make sure no one hits another friend! Ouch! (Note: The Boomwhacker colors have a slightly different color for G.)

bear bells

The Bear Bells (by Westco) are the cutest! I haven’t purchased these yet but I might just have to for the cute factor! They are played by gently tapping the top, and again the colors and letters/notes correspond correctly. UPDATE: I’ve since learned that the C bells in this set are actually pink, so if your kid can understand that the pink and the red are supposed to match, give this set a go. If not, pick a set that uses a true red.


The Child’s 8 Note Bell Set has the bars attached together to form a xylophone. The only downside I can see to these is that you can’t take the bars off or separate them which limits you on some of the fun extra activities you can do with our curriculum which we will be sharing in the future. But you can surely play the full scale and patterns and songs!

Basic Beat BBRCB8 Resonator Chime Bars

The Basic Beat 8 note Resonator Bell Set, the Rhythm Band Hand Chimes, and

Rhythm Band Deluxe 8-Note Diatonic Resonator Bell Set are the most expensive instruments here. They follow the same color and letter/note combination. These are high quality and are a step up from the desk bells and xylophone (resonator bells).

I have put together a Xylophone Fun Resources PDF here for you to see the different instruments that will work with Xylophone Fun eBooks. I have also included links to view them online. They are all various prices so I’m sure that everyone will find something perfect for them!

View more info at: rhythmsforliving.com/ebooks

Please note: Rhythms For Living is not affiliated with Rhythm Band or any other instrument company. Rhythms For Living does not receive any portion of any sales of these instruments from Rhythm Band. This information is solely for the purpose of informing customers and clients of various instruments which can be used or adapted for use with Xylophone Fun eBooks.

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