Today so many people are suffering from stress and anxiety, depression and hopelessness. In a world that is every striving for better, faster, easier ways of life we find ourselves exhausted and spent, barely holding on and making it through. Our souls yearn for a simpler, more balanced life. We long for human connection, for relationship and togetherness, for a tribe of support and encouragement. We long for a connection to nature, to breathe fresh air, relax to the sounds of lulling waves and the joyous bird songs. to feel the grass underfoot and the coolness of the water. We long to find ourselves, our true selves, to create something new or to just play the way we did as children.

It is important that we find our balance between work and play, between technology and nature, between time alone and time with others. It is important for our relationships, for our souls, for our children, and our future. Taking the time to really assess our current rhythms of living and looking for ways to incorporate creativity and wellness into our daily rhythms will have huge benefits not only for ourselves and our families but for future generations.

We are here to help you find your own personal rhythms of life as individuals, as a family, and as a community. Just as a tree needs soil, sun, and water, so we need nourishment to grow, blossom, and produce fruit. In the same way a toxic environment can kill a tree, so toxicity can kill us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Self care is vital to life and must become on of the priorities for our daily rhythms for living.

We will show you ways to increase your wellness and self care. We will also encourage you to incorporate creative outlets in your daily rhythms to increase wellness and encourage development and growth.

Questions to ponder:
  • Think of your roots. Where are you planted? Where are you putting down roots?
  • Who is your tribe? Who is your community? Who is your support system?
  • How is your self care? Are you taking time for yourself daily to refill your cup? How are you caring for yourself?
  • How are you encouraging your kids to play and grow?
  • Are you taking time to bond with your kids? What does that look like for you?
  • Are you modeling creativity to your kids?
  • Are you modeling self care and wellness to your kids?
  • What is one new thing you can incorporate into your daily rhythms that will enhance your wellness?

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