Autism and Family Connection: Increasing the Parent-Child Bond with Music Therapy

Parents are continually discovering new ways to interact effectively with their children. They go through the ups and downs of realizing that not all of the things they heard from friends or read in books works for their child. They continually have to adapt how to communicate with their kids based on age and circumstances.  The task of adapting oneself to life’s changes can be difficult, let alone helping another human being sort it all out. Parents often feel like they fall short every now and again.

Then we have parents who have an even greater task on a different level; the parents of children diagnosed with a disability (particularly on the autism spectrum).  Each child is a gift, each one different and unique. But many parents, although they feel they are doing the best they can raising their child given their personal circumstances, are still afraid they just can’t learn or do enough. That is where therapists come in.

Parents are bombarded with all kinds of possible therapeutic possibilities for early intervention and behavior modification. Some children see many therapists, some see few. But at the end of the day, the child was in specialized programs or with therapists until evening. When everyone gets home they are all tired, and have some sort of nightly routine hashed out. The problem is, the parent-child dynamic is still lacking, and there is still often a gap between day and night. While they are learning and growing in school and therapy, they may still be unable to express and communicate these new behaviors and techniques with their family at home.


The music therapy session is a place where a child diagnosed with autism can come with their parent or caregiver and can learn and grow together, experiencing communication of a new and different kind. In music therapy groups, you and your child will have the chance to work effectively with each other and see others working together with their children. Clinical music therapy interventions are used to address social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of your children. You will learn tools to take home to enhance your daily lives with your children, all with fun music and movement and hands-on activities.

– Joy Hinson, Professional Music Therapist 

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