Celebrating Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day


Being a mother is a precious gift. Whether you have a biological child, an adopted child, a fostered child, or you spend quality time with someone who needs a mothering touch, motherhood is a blessing. While it may be tough at times, there is no greater gift than the bond between mother and child and love that the two share.

This Mother’s Day we’d like to highlight three special ways mothers show love to their child and how they enhance growth and development.


mother and son

Mother’s Voice – A mother’s voice is known to her child before it is born. Its the one the child hears throughout the day with “good morning”, “i love you”, “let me kiss your boo-boo”, “what would you like to eat” and “good night”. Its the one who gently sings him to sleep.

One of the things we encourage mothers of premature infants to do is sing to them. We know from research that a baby can hear their mother’s voice in utero and that they recognize it and actually prefer it over others. So sing with your child. Sing all day long. Singing to your child strengthens the bond between the two of you, introduces language skills and therefore increases language, communication, and reading skills, and calms and relaxes. Nothing can calm your baby more quickly than soothingly singing a lullaby or familiar song.


mother daughter snuggle

Mother’s Snuggles – There’s a reason babies and children love to snuggle close to mom. She’s warm, sweet smelling (even if you’ve just gotten home from the gym), and her heartbeat is soothing. Babies know their mother’s scent and it is very comforting. Babies also know their mother’s heartbeat. Children love to sit in mother’s arms and listen to the steady, familiar beat and feel safe and warm. So snuggle them in and rock slowly while singing a lullaby or familiar song, or reading a book. You will both start to relax and enjoy the moment together.



Mother’s Touch – Moms just know what their child needs and how to comfort, soothe, and help. It might be reaching out to grab them before they trip and fall. It may be to pick them up when they are crying and just need to be held. It may be that gentle rub on their back as they are falling to sleep. It is a hug, a holding hand, a snuggle. A mother’s touch is warm and comforting.

There are actually many benefits to this loving touch (also referred to as intentional touch). Touch creates a bond. Touch is healing. Touch can relax, calm, reduce stress, increase immunity, and overall makes you healthier. Daily massages are a great way to bond with your child, offer them better health, and make them feel loved and cared for. Making massages a part of your daily routine is simple. While singing or listening to relaxing music, spend about 3-5 minutes slowly and gently massaging your little one. Start with a heart shaped motion over their chest. Gently squeeze or apply firm strokes on both arms and hands and then legs and finish with gentle rubbing or squeezing the feet. You’ll be amazed at how you both relax.



Wishing you a beautiful Mother’s Day!!




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