How I Use Music With My Son: Part 2 Sing-A-Long Books and CDs

That's what i'd doSweet Dreams

I love sing-a-long books and books with CDs. I use them often with clients and now I use them with my son. When he was first born I came across two books by author and singer-songwriter Jewel.

These books are lovely hardback books that have been beautifully illustrated by Amy June Bates. The songs, which Jewel says she wrote for her own son, are sung in lullaby form and really emphasize the wonderful mother-child bond that is so precious. That’s What I’d Do is a “love letter” from mama to baby. Sweet Dreams is an “adventure” of mama and baby. Both lullabies are soothing and perfect for relaxing, but also they both introduce great literacy skills like rhyming and descriptive words.

Jewel has a beautiful, soft voice which is perfect for the lullaby style. We also have several of her albums including Lullaby by Jewel and The Merry Goes ‘Round. My son and I both enjoy listening to her music. I highly recommend these two books as well as her children’s music.

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