Now Available: Xylophone Fun Volume 2

Volume 2: Introducing New Songs

Does your child love music? Have you thought about introducing your child to piano? Here is a simple method to introduce your child to basic music reading skills that can be later transferred to learning piano.

Research shows that music engages both sides of the brain and is very beneficial in enhancing learning. Xylophone Fun targets motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills such as letter recognition, matching, and patterns.

Xylophone Fun Volume 2 Ebook:

  • Six simple songs to build on what was learned in Volume 1
  • To be used with Basic Beat Resonator Bells or Desk Bells
  • Use with Ipad, Tablet, Computer, Smartboard, or Print and Laminate

Included in your ebook (pdf file) is a xylophone layout, xylophone visuals, and six songs, as well as hints on how to use the resource.

On Sale Now!

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