Literacy and Art

My boys love trains and therefore any book about trains. Since we are quarantined at home we are reading even more books than usual, and we read a lot of books. A big part of our homeschooling is reading to the boys, as a family, or having the boys work on their reading skills.

Freight Train by Donald Crews

I love pairing creative activities with books, like music or art. Today we read Freight Train by Donald Crews. This is a simple story with few words, however the colors and action words make it quite fun. After reading the book we decided it would be fun to use a large piece of paper to draw our own train, just like the one in the book. The boys quickly decided which color car they would want to color. We had a marvelous time together drawing and coloring together as a family.

“Freight train….Moving….Going through tunnels…Going by cities…Going, going….gone.”

Freight Train by Donald Crews, 1978, Scholastic Inc., New York, NY

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