Walking Through Holy Week

Today I have a FREE PRINTABLE for you! We have just started Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday. I have created a simple Easter Story book for your kids to illustrate and keep for future years.

The book has a page for each day of Holy Week and includes the scripture reference for the story for you to read as a family, a key verse, and a place for an illustration. I have given suggestions for simple symbols or images for each day but also give suggestions for a more complex scene for your older children to draw. Encourage your children to be creative and illustrate the page in the most meaningful way for them!

This is a tool to help you talk with your children about Holy Week and the time Jesus spent leading up to his death and resurrection. Having an opportunity to illustrate each day’s events helps your children to better comprehend the story as well as creatively express their understanding and respond to what God is speaking to them through the story.

I hope you will enjoy this and share your children’s finished books with us on social media. I would love to see their illustrations!

Please use #rhythms4living and @rhythms4living


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