Miniature Gardens Indoors and Out

Spring is here and we are loving it! We have been sweeping away the cobwebs from the porch and giving it new life. With new plants and a little imagination we have been creating indoor and outdoor miniature gardens. Its an evolving process and continues to change daily.

In our Easter Basket we found little egg planters with seeds. We planted them and have eagerly watched them grow. Soon they will need bigger pots and will be added to our outdoor garden.

A trip to Michael’s brought excitement as L and I chose fairy garden objects for our indoor gardens. L couldn’t wait to get home and start assembling. He loves to sit and play with it so it is ever evolving. I’ve even seen some Lego Mini-Figures on the tree swing and in the tent.

Our porch has gone from pots to adding a small wooden box for a miniature garden to then getting a larger table for an even more elaborate miniature garden. We have just begun adding dirt and plants and stones and buildings. I’m sure it will continue to evolve so I will add more photos later!

There is something so therapeutic about the combination of gardening and being in nature with the creativity of arranging and building and imagining. This has been about self-care, wellness, and play and we have enjoyed every moment!

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