Create A New You in 2024

Do you make resolutions every January that fizzle out in a month or two? Does the New Year bring fresh motivation but you find that it is isn’t sustainable? Do you want to make positive changes in your life but feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be changed and being able to follow through?

Don’t make resolutions this January, instead make a new you! Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes!

If you want to make lifelong change and not just temporary change, you need to focus on just a few things that you can add into your daily rhythms which will create positive change over time.

Do you want to feel your best? Do you want to lose the extra weight, especially after the holidays? Do you seem to always feel tired and sluggish and wish you had more get up and go?

Do you want to learn the secrets to those who live the longest? Do you wish you could live a long, healthy life as well?

Do you fear cancer, auto-immune diseases, and cardiac disease? Does diabetes run in your family?

What if I told you that you could take control of your health today and prevent disease, feel better, and prepare your body for a long, healthy life?

You can! You can take control of your health today!

I will share with you all that I have learned in the last 8 months on my cancer healing journey about health and wellness. I will show you the areas of your life where you can take control of your health by the choices you make and by incorporating positive healthy rhythms in your life.

I have taken what I have learned over the last year and completely turned my life around. I am now feeling the best I have ever felt and finally doing the things I have wanted to do and living the life God intended for me.

I am no longer feeling sluggish and tired, lacking energy to do the things I enjoy. I have more motivation and energy to tackle the fun projects I have wanted to do. I am more available for my two homeschooled boys. I am providing a healthier home for my family. I feel more present minded and much more content. I am less stressed and irritable which my family hugely appreciates. My friends have even noticed positive changes in my demeanor. Most of all my faith has grown stronger, my heart is more joyful, and I continue to experience God’s peace in ways I never have before.

We are going to start small with just four areas of health: Nutrition, Movement, Toxins, and Faith

Later we will discuss other crucial areas of health such as Stress, Mindset, Emotional Wounds, and Sleep. But for now, we are starting small so we do not get overwhelmed. I hope you will join me, learn from my journey and the information I have learned, and then share with me your journey! Please share, as it will encourage not only me but other people.

I am sharing daily on Instagram and Facebook so if you are not there please go there now and follow my accounts so you don’t miss any tips or encouragements!

Instagram: @rhythms4living


Let’s make 2024 your year!

Let’s create healthy rhythms that help you to create a new you!

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