Let’s Talk About Poop!

Did you know your poop can tell you a lot about your health?

Your poop can tell you if you are dehydrated, if you have enough fiber in your diet, and how quickly food is passing through your digestive system.

When I was diagnosed with cancer and started making changes in my diet and lifestyle, I printed out a Bristol Stool Chart and hung it above my toilet and one above my boy’s toilet. I taught my boys how to read it and encouraged them to start taking a look at their poop before flushing it. We learned quickly how to monitor our eating. 

For example hard, pellet poop lets me know I am not drinking enough water and not eating enough leafy greens. When my son is sick and tells me that his poop was a #7 I know he has a stomach bug and what foods to feed him.

Before my cancer diagnosis, on my old diet, I was usually constipated, only going every couple of days. Once I started eating my new diet of whole food plant based, I started going regularly once a day and with only one wipe! What a difference! I always notice if I skip my salad one day because I am unable to go easily or at all that day.

Why did I mention having to only wipe once? Having bowel movements that are slimy or messy is usually a sign of mucus in the stool. Some mucus is normal but too much could be a sign of negative bacteria, infection, IBS, or other problems. This doesn’t mean you need to freak out if you wipe multiple times! It just means you may want to start eating more veggies daily (especially leafy greens) and drinking plenty of water. I was amazed once I switched to a whole food plant based diet how my stools were always normal and I only ever needed to wipe once. Any time I stray from that I know I need to pay attention to what I am eating and what I am not eating!

I have also gotten in the habit of wearing a Castor Oil Liver Pack while I sleep several nights a week. I found Queen of the Thrones online and began to learn about the benefits of castor oil packs. I loved that Queen of the Thrones offered a pack that you could sleep in. I bought one and started wearing it nightly leading up to my surgery back in June. I have continued to wear it often throughout the week. Supporting my liver in detoxing also helps my bowel movements be more regularly and healthy.

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