Toxins: Plastics Are Killing Us

Plastic Toxins

Ever since plastic was created our world has had cheaper, more convenient products. However our health has decreased as well from how toxic plastic is. Plastics contain harmful chemicals like BPA, PFAS, and phthalates. Obviously we do not want anything food or drink related to be coming in contact with these chemicals. However almost all of our take-out food is packaged in plastic. Many of our foods in grocery stores are packaged in plastic. On-the-go drinks are in plastic bottles. At home we store food in plastic bags and plastic containers. Its everywhere! Then we leave our plastic drink bottles in the car and the heat causes the chemicals to leach into the drink. We pop the food in the microwave and heat the plastic leaching chemicals into the food.

We have got to stop this! This a simple change we can start making in our homes. Get rid of the plastic!

Simple Changes

Get a good quality glass or stainless steel water bottle and travel coffee mug. Get glass food storage containers to store leftovers. Buy reusable silicone zip lock bags instead of using plastic zip lock bags. I share all of the my favorite home and kitchen products on the site. Read more at Products I Love.

It continues with our clothing and begging. Our skin is our largest organ and it soaks in whatever we put on it. Whether it’s body lotion or body wash with artificial fragrance in it, or polyester pants and nylon shirts, it’s all harmful to our bodies. When we sit on the couch are we snuggling under a polyester blanket? What if we switched to cotton, linen, or wool? If we do have cotton clothing or bedding, is it organic? Did you know that conventionally grown cotton is loaded with pesticides and chemically treated?

Plastic toxins 2

Vote With Your Dollars

We vote with our dollars. Every time we choose to buy a healthier product we are telling the market what we want and what we will spend our money on. If we start taking care of ourselves and purchase quality clothing, products, and food, the market will eventually adjust to our demand. Sometimes it takes a few extra minutes at the grocery store to make a customer recommendation at the service counter to ask for more organic products. I recently did this at our local store when I could not find enough of a variety of organic cheese. They told me that if enough people make the same request then they will look into it. It takes all of us to do our part to request quality food.

Buy organic because it is better for you and your kids. Make these changes for you but also for your children. Let’s provide a future for our children by teaching them now that healthier options are important for us and for future generations.Demand healthier options where you shop. Stop buying the toxic, cheap crap that is harming our bodies…and our earth for that matter.

Sorry…soapbox moment.

Just please think about how the plastic that you come into contact with daily is affecting your health and the environment. Think about your children and your grandchildren. Let’s leave them a better world than we are living in now. Start making changes today!

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